Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dodging a Bullet

What fate did William Horner narrowly escape in January of 1850?
A)                 Almost drowned in the North Platte River
B)                 Almost killed in a Buffalo stampede
C)                 Almost died choking on his wife’s stew
D)                 Almost became a victim of cannibalism

Yesterday’s answer:
(B) 25 times

This is on the page comprising Moses 7: 46-57. In the Book of Mormon there are two instances when the name of Christ or a title of Christ are mentioned 22 times on one page; Mormon 9: 7-17 and Moroni 10: 26-34. Interestingly, Moroni 10: 26-34 is the last page of the Book of Mormon. As a lawyer in a court of law he would argue his case most vehemently in his closing argument, so obviously Moroni did this in his final appeal for all to follow.

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