Friday, September 25, 2015

What Kind of Bones?

In William Clayton’s journal on May 22, 1847 he describes the fact that the pioneers ran into bones. What kind of bones were they?
a.                  Buffalo
b.                  Dinosaur
c.                   Elephant
d.                  Cureloms
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      50 cents
I now determined to go to Missouri. So in the spring of 1837, I made shift to get a horse and wagon and started; my whole fortune being a 50-cent piece and our needful clothing. The very first day out the singletree broke, and I had to pay a part of the 50 cents to have it repaired. The landlord where I stopped challenged the genuineness of the piece of silver, and struck it with a hammer expecting to see it fly to pieces. After seeing that he ruined the coin, he refused to give me the change due.
The autobiography of Truman O. Angell,

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