Monday, September 14, 2015

Who is He?

Who is Louis Alphonse Bertrand?
A)                 A French revolutionary
B)                 The Church’s first member in France
C)                 The first mission president to the European Mission
D)                 Heber C. Kimball’s son-in-law
Yesterday’s answer:
d.   A member of the mob
The following from the autobiography of Charles Lamb:
   I was pressed when the Prophet Joseph preached his last sermon from the house top near the Mansion. It was a frame building put up to the square and a place floored over for him to stand on. I do not think it was ever taken down, it was too powerful. He called on the thunder and lightening, the angels for to witness, and going through the motions, drawing his sword if so and so was done, it should not be sheathed again until vengeance was taken on the wicked. There was a tall man standing behind me sobbing and crying. When I turned around to look at him, said he would never fight against the Mormons more, no never. He was a stranger to me.

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