Friday, October 30, 2015

A Claim of Prophetess to the Church

The Prophetess Anna and the Savior
During the Kirtland years of the church, who made the claim of being a prophetess?
a.                  Eliza R. Snow
b.                  Mary Fielding Smith
c.                   Mrs. Hubble
d.                  Mrs. George A. Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The Female Benevolent Society
The Relief Society was disbanded in 1844 and was not revived again until 1867, although there were some meetings during this time period by various wards as the following fact from the life of Mary S. Campbell alludes to:
Mary joined the Cedar City Female Benevolent Society on February 4, 1857.
This Female Benevolent Society was later renamed the Relief Society.

Cedar City Ward, Parowan Stake, Relief Society Minute Book, 1856-1875 and 1892, February 4, 1857, Church History Library.

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