Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Missouri Mobbing Miracle

After the Saints were pushed out of Jackson county to the Missouri River, it was discovered that there was only enough money to ferry most of the families across the river to the safety of Clay County. The Saints also knew that those families that could not be ferried across would most likely be killed. Miraculously, money was found. Where was the money found?
a.                  In a squirrel’s nut cache
b.                  In the mouth of a fish
c.                   In the cache of an old trapper
d.                  Floating down the river on a log
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Liberty
Joel H. Johnson gives us an idea of the original wording of an Elders license to preach just after the organization of the Church:
I then immediately sold out my share in the sawmill and endeavored to prepare myself for whatever my calling might be, and on the 24th of August, 1831, I was ordained a teacher; and on the 20th of September 1831, I was ordained an Elder and received the following license:
A license, liberty, and authority given to Joel H. Johnson, certifying and proving that he is an Elder of this Church of Christ, established and regularly organized in these last days, A.D. 1830 on the 6th day of April. All of which has been done by the will of God the Father, according to His holy calling and the power of the Holy Ghost agreeable to the revelations of Jesus Christ, given to Joseph Smith, Jr., the first Elder of the Church, signifying that he has been baptized and received into the Church according to the articles and covenants of the Church. Done on the 20th day of September in Amherst, Loraine County, and State of Ohio, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one.
Jared Carter
Sign and Seal Sylvester Smith . . . . .

Johnson, Joel Hills, 1802-1882 Autobiography Source: Selections from Joel H. Johnson, Voice From the Mountains, Being A Testimony of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Revealed by the Lord to Joseph Smith, Jr. (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor, 1881), pp. 3-4, 12-16.

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