Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Odds Weren’t in Their Favor

During the Battle of Nauvoo, the mob was estimated at 1400-1500 men. How many men were trying to protect the residents of Nauvoo?
a.                  1000
b.                  500
c.                   50
d.                  150
Yesterday’s answer:
B.   His gold watch
     Ephraim Holding was born in England in 1849 and immigrated to Utah with his family in 1853. For him, the wagon trek west was more than the usual adventure, as “the Indians were very troublesome, they stole the children’s clothing and food and they tried to get Grandfather’s [Daniel Holding, Ephraim’s father] watch and chain. He refused them as it was given to [him] by his father Richard Holding when he left England; so the Indian snatched Ephraim George Holding and started off . . . and all the children screamed and cried so his father conceded to let them have his watch and got his little boy back.

Olive Middleton Holding, “Pioneer Ephraim George Holding,” (unpublished, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Camp 21:1946), [2].

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