Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wilford Woodruff’s Ordination

When Wilford Woodruff was ordained to be an Apostle on April 26, 1839, where did it take place?
a.                  In England during the second mission to this country
b.                  On one of the cornerstones of the temple at Far West
c.                   In the Kirtland Temple
d.                  In the Nauvoo Temple
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      B. H. Roberts
Because Elder Roberts was a polygamist, his opponents were able to collect from throughout the nation over seven million signatures on a petition proposing that he not be allowed to take his congressional seat. This was the largest number ever to sign a petition; up to that time in American history. However, President Lorenzo Snow said, “As Roberts later put it, the storm was the equivalent of a mosquito lighting on the moon.’”

Truman G. Madsen, Defender of the Faith: The B. H. Roberts Story (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1980), 247.

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