Monday, November 9, 2015

As If the Church hasn’t Received Enough Awards

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In 1988 the Church was presented an award from the Layman’s National Bible Committee for what purpose?
A)                 The linking of the Stick of Judah to the Stick of Joseph
B)                 Outstanding service to the Bible cause
C)                 For making reference to the Bible in the 8th Article of Faith
D)                 For combining the Bible with other LDS scriptures into a Quadruple combination.

Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Smithville
One rarely hears the names of the Nauvoo suburbs. They take on such identities as:
Stringtown, Mormon Springs, Rocky Run, Sonora, and Davis Mound.

Donald Cannon, “Spokes on the Wheel: Early Latter-day Saint Settlements in Hancock County, Illinois.” Ensign 16 (February 1986), 62-68; Susan Sessions Rugh, “Conflict in the Countryside: The Mormon Settlement at Macedonia, Illinois.” BYU Studies 32 (Winter-Spring 1991): 149-74.

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