Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Creating a Commotion

Joseph Smith receiving the plates from Moroni
When people in the Kirtland area heard that a “golden bible” had been found in the state of New York, what was the general consensus about the report?
A)                 It was the word of God and couldn’t wait for missionaries to come and share it with them
B)                 Like most things on the frontier, grossly exaggerated
C)                 They would only believe if they could see the “golden bible”
D)                 That it was a hoax

Yesterday’s answer:
(C) That the last shingle would not be attached to the temple
August 17th 1845, Monday morningÑAll business commences in the city with usual liveliness. The temple is in a rapid state of improvements. [It's] sturdy. The last of the tower or the top of the tower was raised, which was the 23rd of August. The shingling of the roof, which was completed sometime before this, put a veto on one of Sidney Rigdon's false prophecies that was that the last shingle never would be put onto the house in consequence of our enemies. But thanks be to God, no arm is as yet suffered to hinder the work of the Lord.

Autobiography of William Huntington, Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.

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