Friday, November 6, 2015

It Wasn’t Always Brigham City

Brigham City, Utah
Not too long ago a temple was dedicated in Brigham City. We also know this is the town that Elder Packer was raised in. However, it was not always known as Brigham City. What was the town’s original name?
a.                  Brighamton
b.                  Brighamville
c.                   Youngsville
d.                  Youngstown
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   William Smith
American nineteenth century frontiersmen borrowed the “Mormon Creed” and lived by, what they referred to as the eleventh commandment, basically to “mind your own business.” It was the Prophet Joseph Smith’s younger brother, William Smith, who in 1843 first published the idea, most likely in the Nauvoo Wasp, that the Saints creed was “to mind their own business, and let everybody else do likewise.” The phrase took hold among Church leaders in the 1850’s and with time the phrase evolved to, “mind your own business.”

Michael Hicks, “Minding Business: A Note on the ‘Mormon Creed.’” BYU Studies 26 (Fall 1986), 125-32.

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