Thursday, November 12, 2015

Making Good His Word

What did Jacob Hamblin prophesy to his non-member father?
A)                 That he would baptize him into the Church in two years time
B)                 That he would come to Salt Lake City with Jacob's family
C)                 That he would see the elders of the Church save the constitution of the United States
D)                 That quail would come from heaven and he would satisfy his hunger

Yesterday’s answer:
(D) That it was a hoax
The following was a statement made by Orson Hyde that has proved to be prophetic. Orson said this when he belonged to the Methodist faith.
   About this time some vague reports came in the newspapers that a "golden bible" had been dug out of a rock in the state of New York. It was treated, however, as a hoax. But on reading the report, I remarked as follows--"Who knows but that this `golden bible' may break up all our religion, and change its whole features and bearing?" Nothing more was heard of it for a long time in that section.

“History of Orson Hyde [1805-1842],” Millennial Star, 26 (1864), 742-44, 760-61, 774-76, 790-92.

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