Sunday, November 29, 2015

Teaching Heber’s Girls

Heber C. Kimball family
In a journal entry on June 1, 1847, Patty Sessions states that she had to teach Heber C. Kimball’s girls what?
a.                  Sewing
b.                  Giving blessings
c.                   Skinning a deer
d.                  Harnessing horses
Yesterday’s answer:
e.      Taking another step
George Albert Smith related the following while on his mission to the Southern States in 1892:
Late one evening in a pitch-dark night, Elder Stout and I were traveling along a high precipice. . . . Our mode of travel of necessity was very halting. We walked almost with a shuffle, feeling each foot of ground as we advanced, with one hand extended toward the wall of the mountain. I left the wall of the mountain, which had acted as a guide and a steadying force. After I had taken a few steps away I felt impressed to stop immediately, that something was wrong. I called to Elder Stout and he answered me. The direction from which his voice came indicated I was on the wrong trail, so I backed up until I reached the wall of the mountain and again proceeded foreward. . .[While we were climbing a fence], my little suitcase popped open and the contents were scattered around. In the dark I felt around for them and was quite convinced I had recovered practically everything. We arrived safely at our destination about eleven o’clock at night. I soon discovered I had lost my comb and brush, and the next morning we returned to the scene of my accident. I recovered my property and while there my curiosity was stimulated to see what had happened the night before when I had lost my way in the dark. As missionaries, we wore hob-nails in the bottoms of our shoes to make them last longer, so that I could easily follow our tracks in the soft dirt. I retraced my steps to the point where my tracks left and wandered to the edge of a deep precipice. Just one more step and I would have fallen over into the river and been drowned, I felt very ill when I realized how close I had come to death. I was also very grateful to my Heavenly Father for protecting me.

Hartshorn, Leon R., comp. Classic Stories from the Lives of Our Prophets (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1975), 242-243.

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