Monday, November 30, 2015

The Battle of Nauvoo Daily Meeting

During the Battle of Nauvoo, the Saints met every morning to do what?
a.                  Discuss that day’s strategy
b.                  Eat Breakfast
c.                   Write letters to Brigham Young asking for assistance
d.                  Pray
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Giving blessings
The following from the journal of Patty Sessions of June 1, 1847:
   Sister E. R. Snow is here. The girls wash some for her. She lines Carlos hat. We had a feast in the afternoon at Sister Millers. There we blessed and got blessed. I blessed Sister Christen by laying my hands upon her head and the Lord spoke through me to her great and marvelous things. At the close I thought I must ask a blessing at Sister Kimball’s hand but it came to me that I must first bless her and show Heber’s girls the Order that duty called them to perform to get many blessings from her upon them. I obeyed. Laid my hands upon her head although it was a great cross and the power of God came upon me. I spoke great and marvelous things to her. She was filled to the overflowing. She arose and blessed the Lord and called down a blessing on us and all that pertained to her. Sister Hess fell on her knees and claimed a blessing at my hands. I then blessed her. Sister Chase claimed a blessing of Sister Kimball. She blessed her with me. She spoke great things to her. The power of God was poured out upon us. E. R. snow was there and with many others. Thank the Lord.

The Diaries of Perrigrine Sessions, comp. Earl T. Sessions (Bountiful, Utah: Carr Printing Co., 1967).

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