Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Turning off the Road

When the Mormon Battalion was low on supplies and rationing what little they did have left, they were given information of a Spanish town a few miles away that could help supply them. Why did the Colonel over the Battalion decide to turn off the road after they had started for the town, never making the town?
a.                  He could not see a town in the distance and realized they had been fooled
b.                  The Lord inspired him to turn off the road due to a possible ambush
c.                   He didn’t have enough wagons to carry the supplies and did not want to burden his men
d.                  He was irritated with his men’s conduct and felt they needed to go hungry a little longer
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      23 murals to teach the youth about the pioneers
Carl Christian Anton Christensen (1831-1912) painted 23 murals titled “Mormon Panorama.” These murals were painted with the purpose to visually teach members, primarily the youth, the story of the restoration to the moment the Saints entered the Salt Lake Valley. Carl also painted murals in the Manti temple.

Richard L. Jensen and Richard G. Oman, C. C. A. Christensen 1831-1912: Mormon Immigrant Artist. (Salt Lake City: Museum of Church History and Art, 1984).

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