Sunday, December 27, 2015

An Extended Christmas Party

How did the children in one pioneer family extend their Christmas party?
a.                  Invited more and more people throughout the evening
b.                  Sang louder when the parents tried to send the kids to bed
c.                   Turned the clock back
d.                  Invited Brigham Young to the party
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)     The Santa Claus Tree
Salt Lake City, Utah—When the Social Hall was completed, in 1852, Christmas was celebrated there with dancing parties, both for the adults and the children. Our girls and boys will never forget the first Christmas tree there where there was a present for every child of several large families, and all numbered and arranged in perfect order of name and age. President Young—Brother Brigham—was foremost in making the affair a grand success. Hon. John W. Young, then only a boy, handed the presents down from the tree, and I recollect Brother Brigham standing and pointing with his cane, and telling John just which to take down, and so on; the children were wild with delight and some of the mothers quite as much elated, though not as demonstrative. After the Santa Claus tree was stripped of its gifts, the floor was cleared and the dancing commenced, and there was good music too, and President Young led the dance, and “cut a pigeon wing,” to the great delight of the little folks. In fact, I think the evening was almost entirely given up to the children’s festivities, and the older ones, the fathers and mothers and more especially President Young, made them supremely happy for that one Christmas eve.

Adapted from Emmeline B. Wells, Young Women’s Journal, 12 (1901): 539–42

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