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Revelation at the Time of His Patriarchal Blessing

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Heber J. Grant
At the time of his patriarchal blessing, it was revealed to the Patriarch and to Heber J. Grant, Heber’s future. What did both the Patriarch and Heber see?
a.                  Heber becoming a future President of the Church
b.                  Where Heber would serve his mission
c.                   That Heber would take up golfing as a pass time
d.                  Who Heber would marry
Yesterday’s answer:
(D) Ordain his son to the office of High Priest
The following from the autobiography of Joel H. Johnson:
   February 11, 1879. On the 30th of January, six days after my return from Johnson, my little son Jeremiah was taken sick with diphtheria and died on the eighth of February, aged four years and ten months, lacking one day; while sick he often called for his father to bless him which I did. I often went by myself in secret prayer in his behalf but could get no testimony that he would recover and when I saw that he was to be taken from me, I asked the Lord what I should do with the promise he made me before he was born, when He told me to go and bless him and give him the name of Jeremiah and ordain him a prophet and thus came the answer: "Go and ordain him a High Priest and anoint him a king and a priest to God; he is still to give word to the nations and assist to gather his elect from the four winds of the earth." So I saw the Lord was taking all the purest saints back again behind the veil to place them in a school directed by the prophet to prepare them for the great work still before them. They come and take tabernacles and are taken away again because they cannot be trained unto the Lord, where hypocrisy, profanity and other wickedness is practiced among those who profess to be saints.

Johnson, Joel Hills, 1802-1882 Autobiography Source: Selections from Joel H. Johnson, Voice From the Mountains, Being A Testimony of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Revealed by the Lord to Joseph Smith, Jr. (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor, 1881), pp. 3-4, 12-16.

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