Monday, December 14, 2015

The Folding of the Society

At the time that the Word of Wisdom was received, there were a number of temperance societies in America. It was estimated that there were 5,000 societies with 1,000,000 members. In fact, Kirtland had an organized society, however this society would fold in 1835. What did some of the members of this society link the failure to?
a.                  The President of the society was caught in the local bar
b.                  Lack of Mormon support
c.                   There were no bars in Kirtland and so there was no reason to have a society
d.                  The Mormons displaced those that were not members of the church to surrounding areas.
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The use of the Captains private quarters for the remainder of the voyage
Elder LeGrand Richards shared the following story about his Grandfather. I recall reading in my grandfather’s diary of a time when the boat upon which he was sailing was in great jeopardy, so much so that the captain of the boat came to him and pleaded with him to intercede with the Lord in behalf of the boat and her passengers; and Grandfather, remembering that he had been promised that he should have power over the elements, walked out on the deck of the boat and raised his hands to high heaven and rebuked the sea and the waves, and they were immediately clammed, and the appreciation of the captain of the boat was so great that he offered him the use of his private quarters during the balance of the journey.”

Richards, LeGrande. Conference Report, April 1941.

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