Monday, December 28, 2015

Where Did It First Appear

Where did the Book of Abraham first appear in print?
a.                  The Book of Commandments
b.                  Kirtland Revelation Book 1
c.                   The Times and Seasons          
d.                  The Doctrine and Covenants
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Turned the clock back
La Verkin, Utah—One night when I was sixteen years old, Father gave a Christmas party for his own children and their families and the nearest neighbors. We danced. My brothers were the musicians. We knew it was Father’s aim to end the party at ten o’clock, which he did right in the middle of a square-dance by ordering the musicians to stop. But Father didn’t know that my brothers had lifted me up to the clock many times that night. Each time I turned it back thirty minutes. It must have been past midnight when the party broke up.

“Julia’s Christmas,” from the Christian Olsen family record, Our Pioneer Heritage, 14 (1971): 199

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