Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Prayer Meeting after a Very Long Sacrament Meeting

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After the sacrament meeting went on for several hours on Sunday afternoons, a prayer meeting was held in the evenings. How long did this meeting last?
a.      The length of the prayer
b.      1 hour
c.       3 ½ hours
d.      ½ hour
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Several hours
This was the following pattern of Temple Square meetings during the 1850s: an opening prayer and singing, followed by several hours of male preaching that might be interrupted in mid-discourse by the blessing and passing of the sacrament.

2 June 1850 and Seventh Ward Historical Record, 12, n.d., LDS Archives; Worship Meetings: Nineteenth Ward book A, 11 January 1852, LDS Archives; Thirteenth Ward General Minutes, 12 March 1854, LDS Archives.

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