Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Where exactly did you say he was born?

Joseph Smith Memorial
I served my mission in the Massachusetts Boston Mission from ’77 to ’79. I could never understand why it was that we referred to the Joseph Smith Memorial at South Royalton, Vermont, but yet, when we related the Joseph Smith story, his birth place then became Sharon, Vermont. Over time I found out why. So, where was Joseph Smith actually born?
a.                  Sharon
b.                  South Royalton
c.                   Tunbridge
d.                  North Royalton

Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Malaria
Additional interesting information:
The following is in reference to Saints that drank the water of the Mississippi River (notice the other name for diarrhea)
Many of the company were made sick by using the water of the river that was very muddy, which gave diarrhea, or bowel complaint.

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journal of William Clayton, George D. Smith, ed. (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1995)

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