Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Presidential Donation

Which U.S. President donated money to help the Saints cross the plains?
a.                  James Polk
b.                  Abraham Lincoln
c.                   James Buchanan
d.                  Martin Van Buren
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   John Benbow
Many members of the Church choose to do good with the riches that their Heavenly Father has so abundantly blessed them with. For instance, the funds for the Nauvoo Temple were provided by individual members who had the means to see this sacred edifice built. President Hinckley did not have to worry about long layovers in airports as a generous member of the church donated a plane and a pilot to transport the Prophet around the world. The same applies to the Benbow’s of England. Listen to the good they brought about through their generous offerings.
   The Benbow’s would substantially finance the printing of the Book of Mormon in England, pay for at least forty of the United Brethren [their former religious society that had come into the Church] to make their journey to Zion, and later put up bail to help keep the Prophet Joseph out of jail.

Maurine Jensen Proctor, and Scot Facer Proctor, The Gathering, Mormon Pioneers on the Trail to Zion (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1996), 32-34.

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