Thursday, February 25, 2016

He Had a Knack for Baptizing Preachers

Which prophet baptized 57 ministers?
a.                  Joseph Smith
b.                  Brigham Young
c.                   John Taylor
d.                  Wilford Woodruff
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      The daughter had red hair and he wanted to marry her
Now by this time I was a grown up young lady and still had my red, curly hair, which . . . had its attractions for the Indians. [One] day an Indian chief came to our door, and to our great surprise it was the same Indian chief whom we had [met while crossing] the plains. He made us understand he had followed us here and . . . wanted me to be his bride. Of course, mother refused him again, but he would not go away. He sat beside our door for three days. This was an old Indian custom before demanding his bride. After the three days were over, again he asked me to be his white bride. He offered mother many, many ponies, beads and blankets for me and said he would make me queen of his tribe that I could have a tent of my own and his other squaws could be my servants, and he would make me happy. Mother refused and [t]old him I would never go with him, that I was white and must live with the white people, and to please go back to his Indian tribe and not to bother me again. With lowered head and bent shoulders, he went away sorrowing. I have never seen him since.

“The Last Leaf,” Autobiography. Photocopy of transcript. LDS Church Archives.

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