Monday, February 1, 2016

Kirtland’s Fulling Mill

View from the top of the Kirtland Temple looking north.
If you’ve read enough about early Kirtland, you may have read that it had a Fulling Mill. What is a Fulling Mill?
a.                  A process of increasing the thickness or compactness of wool
b.                  The original feed lots to fatten cattle
c.                   The process of making cloth
d.                  The original saw mill
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   3 ½ hrs.
Prayer meetings were perhaps the most characteristic gathering of the time. The meeting, which followed a worship meeting of several hours in the afternoon, began at 6 P.M. and ended three and one-half hours later at 9:30.

Nineteenth Ward Book A, 18 January 1852.

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