Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Brigham Young of Canada

Who is considered the Brigham Young of Canada?
a.                  Hugh B. Brown
b.                  Charles O. Card
c.                   John W. Taylor
d.                  Nathan Eldon Tanner
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Built fires
This interesting fact on road building took place as some members of the Mormon Battalion were on their way home to the Salt Lake Valley. The following from the journal of Zadoc Knapp Judd:
After traveling from here, we saw several parties of Indians, some of whom were wearing the clothes our comrades had worn. We did not molest them but traveled on in peace, occasionally stopping to do a little road work. We made good progress on our journey and left behind us a good road, until we got nearly across the mountains. In coming down a canyon we came to large rocks which were impassible with the wagons. They were from eight to ten feet high.
We had no hammers nor drill with which we could do anything with the stone. It seemed almost an impossibility to go farther. Finally someone suggested that we build a fire on the rocks, and as there were plenty of dry logs and brush near, there was soon a good fire blazing on each rock that lay in our way. When the fire had died down and cooled off a little, we found that as far as the heat had penetrated, the rocks were all broken in small pieces which were soon removed with pick and shovel and another fire built with the same result.
After building three or four fires, we found that the rocks were not much in our way, and we soon had a good wagon road right over them, and we were within a short distance of the old wagon road on Truckee River.

Autobiography of Zadoc Knapp Judd (1827-1907), Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University;

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