Friday, February 26, 2016

The Day Joseph and Oliver Received the Apostleship

What were the circumstances surrounding Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith receiving the Apostleship?
a.                  Joseph and Oliver were praying to receive it near Harmony, Pa.
b.                  Joseph and Oliver were escaping through the forest from a trial
c.                   Joseph and Oliver were reading about the higher priesthood while translating the Book of Mormon
d.                  Joseph and Oliver were traveling back to Palmyra, New York when Peter, James, and John appeared to them      
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Wilford Woodruff          
A synopsis of Wilford Woodruff’s travels and labors in 1840:
Traveled: 4,469 miles
Held: 230 meetings
Established preaching: 53 places
Planted: 47 churches
Which included: 1,500 Saints
               28 elders
               110 priests
               24 teachers
               10 deacons
Attended Conferences: 14
Baptized: 336 persons
Which included: 57 preachers
               2 clerks of the Church of England
Assisted in the Baptism: 86 others
Confirmed: 420
Assisted in confirmation: 50 others
Ordained: 18 elders
         97 priests
         34 teachers
         1 deacon
Blessed: 120 children
Administered unto: 120 sick persons
Assisted in procuring: 1,000 pounds sterling for printing Millennial Star
                   3,000 copies of Latter-day Saints hymns
                   5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon
Assisted in emigrating to America: 200 Saints
Wrote: 200 letters
Received: 112 letters
Mobs came against me: 4

Wilford Woodruff Journals,A synopsis of the travels and labors of W. Woodruff in A.D. 1840,” entry following 30 Dec. 1840.

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