Saturday, February 20, 2016

The First Family of the Restoration

Image result for joseph smith recieiving the priesthood
Joseph Smith receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood
Which family has been dubbed the first family of the restoration?
a.                  The Joseph Knight family
b.                  The Peter Whitmer Sr. family
c.                   The Joseph Smith Sr. family
d.                  The Sidney Rigdon family
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)     Rex is the German ancestral name of the Ricks family
Ricks College was obviously named after Thomas E. Ricks. It’s possible that Rexburg, Idaho could have also been named after him. “Rex” was the German ancestral name of the Ricks family.

David L. Crowder, The Spirit of Ricks: A History of Ricks College (Rexburg, Idaho: Ricks College Press, 1997); JoAnn Jolley, “Rexburg and Ricks College, Ensign 14 (January 1984), 21-27.

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