Monday, March 7, 2016

A Little Bewildered

Why was David Whitmer astonished when Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith met him before he made it to the Smith home in Harmony, Pennsylvania?
a.                  They didn’t bring the plates with them
b.                  They were on their way to visit David in Fayette, New York
c.                   Joseph had seen him in vision coming to Harmony  
d.                  Joseph told him he gave the plates back to Moroni
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                   Elias Higbee
Even though Elias Higbee was the first judge of Caldwell County, Missouri he was still forced out of the state in 1839 along with the rest of the Church.

Andrew Jenson, Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia. 4 vols. 1901-36. Reprint (Salt Lake City: Western Epics, 1971), 1:253.

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