Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All Left Missouri, but not all Went East

After the extermination order issued by Governor Boggs, all Saints left Missouri, however, not all followed Brigham Young to Quincy, Illinois. In fact some Saints went west. Where did they settle?
a.                  Denver, Colorado
b.                  Salt Lake City, Utah
c.                   Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
d.                  Pueblo, Colorado
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Methodist
It was the Reverend George Lane who was instrumental in Joseph Smith’s search for the right church. Oliver Cowdery states that it was the Methodist minister George Lane instruction that “our brother’s mind became awakened.” The prophet’s brother, William Smith said that Joseph was present in a sermon that George Lane gave titled “What church shall I join?” and used as his text James 1:5. William then continued, “When Joseph went home and was looking over the text he was impressed to do just what the preacher had said, and going out in the woods . . . kneeled down and prayed.” It’s ironic that the Reverend Lane’s sister, Irene Lane Foote, joined the Church on February 28, 1846 in Montebello, Illinois.

Larry C. Porter, “Reverend George Lane—Good ‘Gifts,’ Much ‘Grace,’ and Marked ‘Usefulness.’” BYU Studies 9 (Spring 1969), 321-40.

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