Monday, March 21, 2016

His Personal Opinion

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The same could be said about L. John Nuttall, secretary to President Wilford Woodruff. After touring the Salt Lake Temple one month prior to its dedication he said that he felt the Celestial Room was too what?
a.                  Celestial
b.                  Heavenly
c.                   Gaudy
d.                  Expensive
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                    There was no food in the house
The following from the autobiography of Charles Lamb. This
incident occurred while he was working on the Nauvoo Temple.
I must mention a circumstance that took place a short time previous to finishing the Nauvoo Temple. I was going home when my wife met me at the door and began crying. Said she could stand anything but this (that was the children crying for bread and she had none to give them). I replied, why do you not go and ask the Lord to send you some; why not you go with me. We went into our bedroom and fastened ourselves in and there made our request. In about an hour after, Brother Lucious Scovil came and after some little talk said he would like me to make a gravestone to mark the place where his son was buried. I told him I would do it. He said he was in no hurry but wanted it done. I told him I had a family depending on me. He said he did not have anything to pay with, but in a while told me he could let me have some wheat if I wished it. I told him I would be pleased to get some. He wished me to go with him and he would let me have it. I went, got the wheat, 4 or 4.5 bushels I got, and took it to Knight’s Mill and returned home with the grist, thus was our prayers answered.

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