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“I felt as calm as if I was sitting in my parlor at home”

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Who stated the above words and under what circumstances?
a.                  Joseph Smith when threatened to be executed the next day in Far West
b.                  Brigham Young when surrounded by hostile natives on the Mormon Trail
c.                   John Taylor in a severe storm while crossing the Atlantic when everyone else on the ship thought they would sink
d.                  Porter Rockwell when facing the U.S. army in Emigration Canyon
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  In bags under her dress
During the six-month period that the Prophet was held at Liberty Jail, his papers (among which was the New Translation of the Bible, which we call the Joseph Smith Translation) were left in the hands of his secretary, James Mulholland. Mulholland and his family discussed in private what might happen if the mob were to obtain the manuscript. They feared that Mulholland might be attacked by a mob, and that the mob would destroy the papers he possessed just for the sake of ruining them. The family also felt the manuscript, would not be safe in Far West.
Knowing that the life of Mulholland was in constant danger and out of concern for the safety of the papers that were left, in his care, it was decided that Muholland’s sister-in –law, Ann Scott, should take care of the materials. She has written of this event in Far West as Follows:
“[The mob] frequently searched my father’s house, and were very insulting in their deportment. They also searched other houses of the saints, including that of President Joseph Smith, who at the time was confined in Liberty Jail. Joseph’s confinement in jail, coupled with the ruthless invasions of the mob, caused his scribe, Elder James Mulholland, to seek a place of safety for important church papers in his possession. Among the papers in Mulholland’s keeping was the manuscript of the Inspired Translation of the Bible, the revelation on the rebellion, etc., etc. Brother Mulholland requested me to take charge of the papers, as he thought they would be more secure with me, because I was a woman, and the mob would not be likely to search my person. Immediately on taking possession of the papers, I made two cotton bags of sufficient size to contain them, sewing a band around the top ends of sufficient length to button around my waist; and I carried those papers on my person in the day-time, when the mob was around, and slept with them under my pillow at night. I cannot remember the exact length of time I had those papers in my possession; but I gave them to sister Emma Smith, the prophet’s wife, on the evening of her departure for Commerce.”
“Emma Smith left Far West, en route to Commerce, Illinois, on February 15, 1839, and according to the report, she ‘wore the bags just as Ann Scott had done.’”  

Robert J. Matthews, Plainer Translation:” Joseph Smith’s Translation of the Bible, a History and Commentary ( Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1975), 99-100.

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