Friday, March 4, 2016

It began to get a Little Redundant

Between 1849 and 1896 how many times did Utah apply for statehood?
a.                  Twice
b.                  Ten times       
c.                   Seven times    
d.                  Three times
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   The Salt Lake Tribune
On Sunday August 10, 1884 two Mormon missionaries, Elders John H. Gibbs and William S. Berry, died in what has become known as the Cane Creek Massacre. Two members of the Church, Martin Condor and his half-brother James Hudson, were also killed while trying to protect the two Elders from the mob in Cane Creek, Tennessee. What led to this event? Believe it or not a newspaper article that originated in the Salt Lake Tribune. The article was from a purported Mormon Bishop West speaking in treasonous terms against the United States government and titled “Red Hot Address,” that had been widely circulated throughout the nation.

The Tennessee Massacre and Its Causes; or The Utah Conspiracy, A Lecture by John Nicholson (Salt Lake City: juvenile Instructors Office, 1884).

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