Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It Cost How Much an Acre

Nauvoo, Illinois
How much money did the Saints pay per acre for the original 20,000 acre purchase of Commerce [Nauvoo], Illinois?
a.                  $1
b.                  $2
c.                   $3
d.                  $4
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Shoshone
During the nineteenth century the Church established a number of farms throughout Utah to teach the Natives agriculture. Many of these farms were unsuccessful with the exception of the Washakie (Northwestern Shoshone) community in Box Elder County, which thrived for 80 years.

Charles E. Dibble, “The Mormon Mission to the Shoshoni Indians.” Utah Humanities Review 1 (January, April, July 1947): 53-73, 166-77, 279-93; David J. Whittaker, “Mormons and Native Americans: A Historical and Bibliographical Introduction.” Dialogue 18 (Winter 1985), 33-64.

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