Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Prayer Circle

We are used to the Prayer Circle as a part of the temple ceremony, however, during pioneer time’s, prayer circles were common and often held in chapels or members’ homes. When was this practice finally done away with?
a.            1975
b.            1929
c.             1875
d.            1901
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   By trying to find his lost cow he came across the money
The following story from the autobiography of Charles Lamb:
   These were perilous times for the Saints. The Twelve had left and everyone was doing their best to make an outfit to follow the Twelve west. I with several others went to wagon making under Sam Bringhurst, and had got the wood for one for myself made, but where to get the iron I could not tell. I prayed to the Lord to open the way. A Brother Crook, a blacksmith, said it would cost $5 dollars and if I could get the iron he would do his part. A short time after this I had a cow that had got away from me. I found her, and bringing her home when we got to Casper Creek she was somewhat wild, and run me through the creek, but I stuck to her and when I got home I had to change my clothes. The next morning she was gone, I found her about the same place. When I got to the creek through it we went, and I got another wetting. When I got home in changing my clothes, from the pants dropped an English soverign, a ten cent, and a five. This was just five dollars; it was an agreeable surprise. I told my wife the Lord had sent that to buy the iron for the wagon. I could account for it no other way and put it to that use. I brought the wagon to Salt Lake.

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