Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwing it Through the Window

Benjamin Johnson states that during the Kirtland years of the Church that whooping cough and measles were running throughout the community. Benjamin also states that what was thrown out the window at the time some physicians visited the area to alleviate the sickness?
a.                  The doctors
b.                  The doctor’s medicine
c.                   The doctor’s bill
d.                  The doctor’s prescription
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  The cookstove
The following from the autobiography of William Leany. The time period is in the 1830’s:
About this time we ceased to raise our own clothing and commenced to raise tobacco and thereby sold ourselves to the merchants, for if the merchants failed, we failed, and if a bank broke we were ruined and if Europe went to war and our clothing in Manchester, England, we were sure to suffer for it. Thus we toiled under all the disadvantages of frontier life; few books, few schools, no newspapers, the Bible with the New Testament and another pious old book worth all the rest in the eyes of the orthodoxy was called the Westminster Confession of Faith and any house without that book was considered unorthodox and unsalvable. Our schoolbooks were Webster's Spellers: english readers, and some others and teachers were expected to have a Walker's Dictionary and Kirkham's Grammar, though some had neither.
And as for convenience, cook stoves were unknown at this time. When the first cook stove came into the country it caused much comment. A tailor got one to heat his irons upon, whose name was Jason Neely, and had it in his shop where I went to get my first tailor made suit of clothes. There came in a man called Mr. Goodnight who also was getting a new suit of clothes made of a piece of Kentucky jeans. He spread his arms upon the flat top of the stove, he soon jumped up exclaiming, "I'll be damned if that thing ain't hot." Another gentleman is said to have come in having a very fine new fur hat, who took it from his head sat it upon the stove and did not think, until he saw the smoke come from the inside of it which made them wonder what was the matter with the hat.

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