Friday, April 22, 2016

It Was a Bit of a Shocker

President Woodruff was a little amazed when U. S. President Benjamin Harrison requested what of him?
a.                  To prove to him that the church had ceased the practice of polygamy
b.                  To send more missionaries to Washington D. C.
c.                   To pray for his dying wife
d.                  To send a signed copy of the Book of Mormon to him
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  He was as dry as sticks
Brother Willard Richards was the only one of the Twelve Apostles who was in Nauvoo. John Taylor, being wounded, remained in Carthage. Soon the Twelve began to return, also Sidney Rigdon, who endeavored to have himself elected as guardian of the Church and I was present when he made his silly and boastful speech about leading the Church. Back to Pittsburgh and [?] the nose of Queen Victoria, etc., etc. Too foolish to be worth remembering. I did not know Rigdon when he was in the spirit of his calling and cannot say what manner of man he was, but when I knew him he had lost the favor of God and he was as dry as sticks in this preaching.

Autobiography of Benjamin Ashby,

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