Friday, April 1, 2016

The Other General Authority

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We know that the town line between Sharon, Vermont and Royalton ran right through the Smith home. Joseph happened to be born on the Sharon side of the house. What other General Authority came from South Royalton?       
a.                  John Taylor Jr.
b.                  Brigham Young Jr.
c.                   Albert Carrington       
d.                  Heber C. Kimball
Yesterday’s answer:
When the Kirtland Safety Society collapsed in 1837 many of the Saints hung on to their bank notes, even though they were worthless. When the Saints entered the Valley there was an obvious money shortage. It was Brigham Young’s ingenuity and the gold rush of 1849 which resolved the money shortage issue. Brigham realized that there were a number of Saints still in possession of Kirtland Safety Society notes. President Young offered to pay gold at face value of the note. This was also in fulfillment of a prophecy by Joseph Smith that the notes would someday be as good as gold.

Nels Anderson, Desert Saints: The Mormon Frontier in Utah. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1966), 86.

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