Monday, May 9, 2016

A Bathing Experience Gone Wrong

What happened to Joel H. Johnson when he wanted to take a bath?
a.                  Scalded himself on the hot water and a blessing restored him
b.                  Slipped on the wet floor and knocked unconscious
c.                   Drowned
d.                  In the process of drowning, but the spirit whispered what he had to do
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Harold B. Lee
The following story is told by Harold B. Lee:
   There was a severe thunderstorm raging near the mountains where our home was located. Our family [was] seated in the kitchen before an open door, watching the great display of nature’s fireworks. A flash of chain lightning followed by an immediate loud clap of thunder indicated that the lightning had struck very close. I was playing back and forth in the doorway when suddenly and without warning, my mother gave me a vigorous push that sent me sprawling backwards out of the doorway. At the instant, a bolt of lightning came down the chimney of the kitchen stove, out through the kitchens’ open doorway, and split a huge gash from top to bottom in a large tree immediately in front of the house. If it had not been for mother’s intuitive action, and if I remained in the door opening, I wouldn’t’ be writing this story today.

Leonard J. Arrington and Susan Arrington Madsen, Mothers of the Prophets (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1987), 172.

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