Saturday, May 14, 2016

Arapeen’s Vision

Arapeen was the Chief of the Ute Indian tribe in the Utah area and brother to Walkara (also known as Walker and is the individual who the Walker War or Blackhawk War are named after). Who visited Arapeen in a dream and told him to make peace with the Saints?
a.                  Walkara
b.                  Brigham Young
c.                   Joseph Smith
d.                  Moroni
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Bible Hill
On March 5th last, the opportunity was afforded me to gratify the wish to visit this place [Hill Cumorah], which I improved. At about 9 o'clock a.m., in company with my brother, E. L. Kelley, whom I met on his return from Connecticut, where he had been on business, I left Palmyra, a town of about four thousand inhabitants, on the New York Central Railroad, and went due south on the old Canandagua [Canandaigua] road, towards the little town of Manchester, six miles distant. We had not gone far, when our attention was directed to a hill in the distance, lying along and to the left of the roadside, which seemed to rise to a height considerably above any of those surrounding it in any direction. This we selected as the Hill Cumorah. A deep snow covered the ground, but the roads being good, with horses and sleigh, we were soon at its base. Enquiring of a German family residing at the foot of the hill to the northwest, we found that our selection was correct; it was indeed the Hill Cumorah; or, as they termed it, "Mormon" or "Bible Hill."

William H. Kelley, "The Hill Cumorah and the Book of Mormon," The Saints' Herald (Plano, Illinois), 1 June 1881, pp. 161- 68.

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