Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Healing Would Have to Wait for a Moment

We are all familiar with the situation when the Saints first settle in Nauvoo. Many were sick and dying. We know that the prophet rose up from his own sick bed and healed many. What’s not so commonly known is what happened just prior to Joseph healing the sick. What happened?
a.                  Joseph bathed and changed his clothes
b.                  Joseph rebuked Sidney Rigdon
c.                   Joseph fasted for 24 hours
d.                  Joseph selected the site for the Nauvoo Temple

Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Kill Joseph Smith
Through the instrumentality of persons of this class, the sufferings of the Saints were renewed. Many of the brethren were kidnapped from their homes and were abused in a most shameful manner, while others suffered imprisonment on trumped up charges that could not be sustained in court. One day the arrest of an apostate--Augustine Spencer--for an assault on his brother, Orson, was attempted in the neighborhood of Brother Joseph's home. Some trouble ensued and in the same Charles Foster attempted to shoot the prophet, who was near at hand. Both he and Higbee said they would consider themselves the favored of God if they could but kill "Joe Smith." Thus was our leader in constant danger for the sake of his religion, and from this time until his death, the horrors of which are known to all, on the 27th of June, 1844, his life was one continued scene of trial, hardship and persecution. His followers found no rest from their oppressors; they had no rights, according to popular judgment, that should be respected, and after we had agreed to leave Nauvoo and go to the Rocky Mountains, the mob would not leave us unmolested so that we could arrange our business. One man by the name of Bostwick came to the city to warn Amos Davis and others living there, but who did not belong to us, to move their stores out of the place if they wanted to save them, "for," said he, "this city shall be laid in ashes; and Brigham Young shall be taken if I have to go to hell to raise troops enough to take him." In this affair the Lord overruled in behalf of His people, for as this wicked man was returning to Madison he fell through the ice and was drowned; and as he was the leading man among our enemies around Madison it put an end to their operations.

"Newel Knight's Journal," Classic Experiences and Adventures(Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1969), pp. 46-104.

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