Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Mob had Sarah in a Bind

When the Leavitt family moved from Kirtland to Mayfield, Ohio, the mob tried to bring hardship on the family. The father needed their wagon for his shipping business, however, with their daughter sick and knowing that if she didn’t recover, they would have to take her to the doctor and forced to use the wagon as payment. What did Sarah do to get out of the bind?
a.                  An angel appeared to her and told her to administer to her daughter
b.                  Moved back to Kirtland
c.                   Called for the Elders to administer to her daughter
d.                  Had her daughter baptized for healing purposes
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   In the process of drowning, but the spirit whispered what he had to do
There appears to have been some special providences over my early life. I will relate one which preserved it:
   When about twelve years old, I was walking along the bank of the Ohio River, and saw a company of boys in bathing. I desired to bathe, but the boys being strangers to me, I preferred to do so alone. Seeing other boys wading out a considerable distance in shallow water, I did not for a moment doubt but what I could do so in safety. Before proceeding far, however, I suddenly stepped off a steep bank into water over my head. Not being able to swim, after struggling awhile, I went to the bottom. I lay there perfectly helpless, and supposed that my time had come to leave this world. Suddenly a strange power came over me. Something said, "Turn over on your face, and crawl on the ground." I made the effort, and, without knowing which way I was going, got out of the water. The same power impressed me to crawl to a little knoll nearby, and get my stomach on it, with my head down. Succeeding in doing so, I became insensible for a time. When I came to my senses again, much water had run out of my mouth, my blood had begun to circulate, and I was in much distress but I recovered.

Johnson, Joel Hills, 1802-1882 Autobiography Source: Selections from Joel H. Johnson, Voice From the Mountains, Being A Testimony of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Revealed by the Lord to Joseph Smith, Jr. (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor, 1881), pp. 3-4, 12-16.

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