Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Word of Wisdom as a Temple Worthiness Requirement

London Temple

The Saints continued for a time to use coffee, tea, alcohol, and tobacco even after the Word of Wisdom was received by the Prophet Joseph Smith. When did it actually become a pre-requisite for temple entrance?
a.                  1875
b.                  1928   
c.                   1891   
d.                  1911
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  She did what an angel commanded her to do and administered to her daughter  
The following is from the autobiography of Sarah Studevant Leavitt. This is while her family is living in Mayfield, just west of Kirtland, Ohio about the year 1835. The father and daughter were not members of the Church, just Sarah.
My husband said nothing, only what was necessary to get employment. He got plenty of work with his team, so we got plenty to live upon and something to lay up. But we were watched mighty closely to see if they could discover dishonesty in our dealings. But as they could find nothing to complain of they thought they would leave us alone. There were some that had the mob spirit insomuch that they said Louisa should have a doctor. She was then confined to her bed. They were going to take our team to pay the doctor, so I heard. I thought she had already taken too much medicine.
I lay pondering on our situation, thinking we should be undone if our team was taken from us, and prayed earnestly to the Lord to let us know what we should do. There was an angel who stood by my bed to answer my prayer. He told me to call Louisa up and lay my hands upon her in the name of Jesus Christ and administer to her and she should recover. I awakened my husband, who lay by my side, and told him to get up, make a fire, and get Louisa up. She would listen to him sooner than to me, to tell her that an angel had told me to lay my hands upon her head in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and administer to her in His name and she should recover. She was perfectly ignorant of Mormonism; all she had ever heard about it was in Kirtland, what few days we stayed there and what we had told her. Her mind was weak, indeed, but she got up and I administered to her in faith, having the gift from the Lord. It was about midnight when this was done and she began to recover from that time and was soon up and about, and the honor, praise and glory be to God and the Lamb. So you see, our enemies were defeated in their plan, but knew nothing of the cause of her recovery.

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