Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wanting to Kill the Captives

The Saints were involved in a battle with the natives just west of Winter Quarters. During the course of the battle 15 natives were killed. The natives managed to capture two of the Saints. It was determined that these men must die to justify the loss of the 15 natives. When it came time to shoot the two Saints they were let go, why?
a.                  The natives couldn’t raise their guns to shoot them
b.                  An angel stood in front of the Saints protecting them from the natives
c.                   The Chief had a change of heart
d.                  They were rescued by Porter Rockwell and Lot Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
G.   Mission President to the Southern States Mission
Who is Thomas Brown Holmes Stenhouse?
Missionary extraordinaire, serving in England, then hand picked by Lorenzo Snow to serve in Italy, and also in Switzerland.
Mission President to the Eastern States Mission.
Talented writer and editor, helping with such publications as The Mormon, The New York Herald, Deseret News, and The Salt Lake Telegraph.
Introduced into America the first stereoscope camera, a device producing a three-dimensional effect.
Composed and polished public speaker.
Trusted by Brigham Young to negotiate contracts from the railroad and to lobby government officials.
Able to change opinions of anti-Mormon writers of the time.
Financially successful.
Finally, apostate; proving that one can never take their testimony lightly or get too comfortable with it.

“The Stenhouses and the Making of a Mormon Image, Ronald W. Walker, Journal of Mormon History, Vol. 1, 1974, 51-72.

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