Sunday, May 22, 2016

We’re Where?

Some Saints might be a little confused if ever they read Joel Hills Johnson’s account of the territory name of the Great Salt Lake Valley in 1848. What did he say the territory was?
a.                  Lower Canada
b.                  Upper California
c.                   Upper Mexico
d.                  Lower Montana
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  Rebuked Sidney Rigdon
The following from the autobiography of Benjamin F. Johnson:
At this time, with so much sickness and death, a great fear began to prevail, with a desire in some to abandon Nauvoo, and with this feeling President Rigdon was greatly exercised, making grave complaints. The Prophet now arose in great power, shook off his own sickness, went to Brother Rigdon, rebuked his fearful and complaining spirit, and told him to repent or a scourge from the Lord awaited him. Those being sick he commanded to be healed, which they were. He then called for a skiff and crossed the river to Montrose, where he found Elijah Fordham, drawing apparently his last breath. By his command life returned and he arose and was at once made whole. The Prophet then visited Brother Noble and other places, full of the power of God, healing the sick, as has been heretofore written in his life, all of which with many other things I know to be true, for I was with him as a younger brother and companion much of the time.

Benjamin F. Johnson, My Life's Review (Independence, Missouri: Zion's Printing and Publishing Co., 1947), pp. 7-107.

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