Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Being of Assistance

Which future United States President would help secure the Nauvoo Charter for the Saints?
a.                  Abraham Lincoln
b.                  Ulysses S. Grant
c.                   George Washington
d.                  Edgar Hoover
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Joseph Fielding
Joseph Fielding was a British emigrant who had been invited by his brother, Reverend James Fielding, to return there to preach. The Reverend cancelled his welcome to the Mormons: “With regard to your robbing me of my flock. . .  I do not believe at all that you were sent of God to rend my little church to pieces. Were I to speak as ‘plain’ as you do I should boldly declare that it was not God but Satan as an angel of light sent you here.”

James Fielding to Joseph Fielding, August 27, 1838 cited in James B. Allen and Thomas G. Alexander, eds., Manchester Mormons: The Journal of William Clayton 1840 to 1842 Thomas G. Alexander, eds., (Salt Lake City: Peregrine Smith, 1974, 6-7.

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