Tuesday, June 28, 2016

He Didn’t Suffer From Writers Block

Brigham Young is noted as the “American Moses.” His accomplishments are extensive and speak for themselves. One little tidbit that many may not know is his letter writing. How many letters did he write as the prophet of the church?
a.                  10,000
b.                  5,000
c.                   25,000
d.                  30,000
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Finding an anti-Mormon pamphlet
What’s interesting to note is that Karl Maeser, the first principle of the Brigham Young Academy, joined the Church in October of 1855 after he read an anti-Mormon pamphlet.

Alma P. Burton, Karl G. Maeser: Mormon Educator (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1953); Douglas F. Tobler, “Karl g. Maeser’s German Background, 1828-1856: The Making of Zion’s Teacher.” BYU Studies 17 (Winter 1977), 155-75.

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