Friday, June 3, 2016

Only For Those Who Worked on the Temple

After the Kirtland Temple was built, Benjamin Johnson states in his autobiography that the workers were given something from the Prophet Joseph Smith. What were they given?
a.          Eternal life
b.          A Certificate
c.           A lifetime recommend into the temple
d.          A blessing
Yesterday’s answer:
a. Religion
As a young child, Asael suffered a burning accident which left him with one shoulder higher than the other throughout his life. He was referred to as “Old crooked neck.” It was said of Asael that “He was so free in his opinions on religious subjects, that some regarded his sentiments as more distorted than his neck.”

Address at Topsfield, Massachusetts, (New York, 1851), 25. Quoted by Riley’s Founder of Mormonism, note p. 63.

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