Monday, June 13, 2016

Refuting the Claim

When Collier’s magazine made false reports about the Saints in 1911, who came to the Saints rescue?
a.                  President Theodore Roosevelt
b.                  Sir Winston Churchill
c.                   The acting Pope at the time
d.                  The leader of the Baptist Church
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                   To let the natives know they weren’t afraid
Scipio A. Kenner, pioneer historian, wrote:
Around campfires at night, and occasionally while plodding their weary way by day, songs made to order could be heard, the chorus being generally of the uproarious style and given with a vocal vigor that made the wilkin [firmament] ring and let the lurking savages know that the travelers were by no means afraid of being heard. . . .

Scipio A. Kenner, Utah As It Is (Deseret News Press, 1904) 12-13.

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