Monday, June 20, 2016

Robbing the Flock

We know that the first 1837 mission to Great Britain was very successful in terms of converts, however, it destroyed the friendship of two brothers. Whose brother claimed they “robbed his flock?”
a.                  Brigham Young’s
b.                  Heber C. Kimball’s
c.                   Joseph Fielding’s
d.                  John Goodson’s
Yesterday’s answer:
d.   The natives
The following from the journal of Newell Knight:
   We were, at this time, in a country which was claimed by the Indians, and where law and restraints were unknown. It was therefore necessary for us to use the utmost caution, so as not to enrage the owners of the soil. The Pawnees, Poncas, Sioux and other Indian tribes permitted us to pass through the country almost unmolested. We sought their friendship and they gave it, and many friendly meetings were held with our Lamanite brethren.
"Newel Knight's Journal," Classic Experiences and Adventures

(Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1969), pp. 46-104.

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