Sunday, June 12, 2016

Singing their way to Zion

According to historian, Scipio Kenner, what is one reason the Saints sang around the campfires at night?
a.                  To let the natives know they weren’t afraid
b.                  To let bears and wild animals know they were in the area
c.                   To clear the dust from their lungs
d.                  So they wouldn’t forget the words
Yesterday’s answer:
A and D
Those who participated in the ordinances performed in the temple in Kirtland did so by invitation. These rites were performed on the third floor of the temple. It was not this area that was polluted by apostates who sought to depose the Prophet. Their activities took place in the assembly room on the main floor which was open to the public. Notwithstanding, their actions were sufficient to offend the Spirit of the Lord and pollute his house.
   Similarly, the Nauvoo Temple was built with the idea that the lower floors of the temple would be available for public meetings and activities. Ordinances were performed in the upper rooms or attic where those who desired to participate in the temple ritual were required to first pass through an “examination area,” or room, of which there were two presumable; one for men and the other for women. It was only after temples were built in the territory of Utah that recommends signed by priesthood leaders were required of those desiring to enter the temple.

Joseph Fielding McConkie and Craig J. Ostler, Revelations of the Restoration (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 2000), 869.

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