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They Tried to Allay the Fears of the Missourians

When Zion’s Camp entered Jackson County, many Missourians were concerned that the Mormons had only one thing in mind and that was to destroy them. Who went around trying to allay the fears of the MIssiourians?
a.                  Governor Boggs
b.                  Brigham Young
c.                   The mob that was going to fight Zion’s Camp the day before
d.                  Joseph Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
(B) Hot tea and coffee
The following from the autobiography of Joel H. Johnson:
   I was with Joseph Smith, the Prophet, when the Word of Wisdom was given by revelation from the Lord [D&C 89], February 27, 1833, and, I think, I am the only man now living who was present. I was then thirty one years of age, and had used tobacco somewhat extravagantly for fifteen years. I always used some strong drink, and tea and coffee. I knew that God had spoken and condemned the use of these things, and, being determined to live by every word that proceeded from His mouth, I laid them all aside, and have not used them since.
   I well remember that, soon after the publication of the Word of Wisdom, the same excuse was made, by some of the people, for drinking tea and coffee that is now made--that hot drinks did not mean tea and coffee. On a Sabbath day, in the July following the giving of the revelation, when both Joseph and Hyrum Smith were in the stand, the Prophet said to the Saints:
   "I understand that some of the people are excusing themselves in using tea and coffee, because the Lord only said `hot drinks' in the revelation of the Word of Wisdom.
   "The Lord was showing us what was good for man to eat and drink. Now, what do we drink when we take our meals?
   "Tea and coffee. Is it not?
   "Yes; tea and coffee.
   "Then, they are what the Lord meant when He said `hot drinks.'"
   Brother Hyrum Smith spoke to the same effect.
   It is said all wholesome herbs are ordained for the use of man. Physicians tell us that tea and coffee are not wholesome. And the Lord says they are not for the body or the belly. When children see that their parents slight the Word of Wisdom, they are apt to follow their example. I have recorded this testimony that all who read it may be without excuse. How pleasant it would be at last, if we could say to our Heavenly Father, "I have obeyed all your counsels," and hear these kind words in return: "Well done! thou hast been faithful over a few things, be thou ruler over many."

Johnson, Joel Hills, 1802-1882 Autobiography Source: Selections from Joel H. Johnson, Voice From the Mountains, Being A Testimony of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as Revealed by the Lord to Joseph Smith, Jr. (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor, 1881), pp. 3-4, 12-16.

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